Benefits and Services

Members of the Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS) receive the following benefits and services:

They can receive the JGS journal “Tsuchi-to-Kiso” (a monthly publication in Japanese).
They have quick access to the most up-to-date information and knowledge in the field geotechnical engineering.
They are informed of the JGS events through meeting notices.
They are able to contribute papers and reports to “Tsuchi-to-Kiso” and “Soils and Foundations”.
They are able to present papers at symposia and conferences organized by the JGS.
They can participate in JGS events at discount rates.
They get 25% off the purchase price of JGS publications.
They can subscribe to “Soils and Foundations”
They qualify for JGS awards.
They have access to JGS multimedia, such as video tapes and films, about geotechnical engineering.
They can join the ISSMGE. (This requires an additional charge).
They can become a member of committees organized by the JGS.
They can borrow a meeting room in the JGS office.

Membership Requirements

1. Individual Regular Member

A person who has learning, experience, or a keen interest in the field of geotechnical engineering

2. Student Member

A person who is registered at an educational facility related to geotechnical engineering, such as a university, technical institution or college, high school or another similar type of learning institution.

3. International Member

Must be a regular member or a special member of JGS.


  1. Send a membership application form and membership fee to the JGS office.
    Both individual regular members and student members of the JGS are required to fill in the same form.
  2. Recognition at board meeting of the JGS (This usually takes about one month)
  3. Notification of admission recognition from the JGS office.

Membership Fee

Individual regular member

9,600 yen / year

Student member

3,000 yen / year

International Member (only annual membership)

an additional 2,000 yen / year

Note: An International member may be exempt from paying the regular membership fee if he/she is an Asian citizen and residing in a country or region where there is no ISSMGE member society. However, such exemption revokes his/her privilege to receive the JGS monthly magazine distributed to regular members. The decision to exempt a member is determined at a board meeting after hearing the proposal made by the International Affairs Department.