History of Japanese Geotechnical Society

October, 1949 Established the ‘Japanese Committee of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering’
November, 1950 Joined the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
May, 1953 The first issue of ‘Tsuchi to Kiso’
May, 1954 Established the ‘Japanese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering’
September, 1958 Permitted as a corporate juridical person
April, 1960 The first issue of ‘Soils and Foundations’
May, 1963 Hosted the 2nd Asian Regional Conference on SMFE, Tokyo
June, 1972 The first issue of ‘Domestic Edition of Soils and Foundations’
July, 1977 Organized the 9th ICSMFE, Tokyo
July, 1987 Organized the 8th Asian Regional Conference on SMFE, Kyoto
May, 1995 Name was changed to ‘Japanese Geotechnical Society’
March, 2004 New establishment of ‘JGS HALL’
September, 2005 Organized the 16th ICSMGE, Osaka
March, 2006 The first issue of ‘Jiban Kogaku Janaru (Japanese Geotechnical Journal)’
April, 2008 Journal name changed from ‘Tsuchi to Kiso’ to ‘Geotechnical Engineering Magazine’
November, 2010 Permitted as a public interest incorporated association
March, 2011 Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
・Support for the disaster areas
・Reporting and disseminating the results of surveys and researches