The Society publishes three periodicals. One is the Geotechnical Engineering Magazine, another is SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS, and the other is the Japanese Geotechnical Journal. The Geotechnical Engineering Magazine is distributed to all members. It is a monthly journal which dates back to 1953, and in December 2010, the series number reached 635. Fffort is made to select appropriate topics so that the members knowledge of the topics related to the development of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering.
is constantly updated. This improves their future prospects. The on-line journal of the JGS is the Japanese Geotechnical Journal, and it is published every three months in Japanese. Technical papers, technical notes, state of the arts reports, discussions and closures are published in this journal, which was first issued in 2006. and the volume number as of 2010 is 5. Access to information in this online journal is available to anyone interested at no cost.

The bimonthly journal SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS is the medium through which geotechnical engineers exchange technical and professional knowledge. State-of-the-art reports, technical papers, technical notes, discussions and closures are published in this journal in English. SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS went into publication in 1960, and its 50th anniversary in 2010 was celebrated by providing an on-line service of the journal. The authors of the papers which appear in SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS are practicing engineers, consultants, and academics from various parts of the world. SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS has a reputation as a top-class international technical journal in the field of geotechnical engineering. Those who wish to subscribe to “SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS” are asked to fill in the order form attached to this brochure and mail it to the Main Office of the Society. The annual subscription rates (as of 2010) are as follows:

Method of Shipment
Surface Mail Air Mail
Method of Remittance

  1. Telegraphic Transfer
  2. Mail Transfer
  3. Remittance Check
    (Demand Draft, Bank Check)
  4. Credit Card
9,000 Yen 13,000 Yen