Soils and Foundations

Soils and Foundations is a bi-monthly journal which covers the whole field of geotechnical engineering, including related disciplines. This journal publishes research papers, reports of important engineering experiences, state-of-the-art reports and discussions on important themes. A concerted effort is made by the editorial board members to maintain the high quality of the journal by reviewing manuscripts in a careful and fair manner. Special attention, therefore, is paid to the novelty of the submission and how the readers will benefit from it, as well as the practical applicability of the content. Further, the editorial board is happy to provide advice to the authors of manuscripts to help them improve the quality of their submissions. One of the benefits to non-English-speaking authors is that the English in all the accepted manuscripts is improved by a native English speaker who works on technical papers in the field. Authors of the outstanding papers in this journal are entitled to apply for academic awards of the Japanese Geotechnical Society. No publication fee applies up to a specified number of pages. The Japanese Geotechnical Society provides the subscription information.