2016/5/26 International Mini Symposium Chubu (IMS-CHUBU)

International Mini Symposium Chubu (IMS-CHUBU)
DATE: May 26, 2016
HOST: The Japanese Geotechnical Society Headquarters Office International Affairs Department
/ The Japanese Geotechnical Society Chubu Branch
VENUE: Mitigation Research Building, Higashiyama Campus,Nagoya University, Nagoya, JAPAN
CONTACT: JGS International Affairs Department, kokusai@jiban.or.jp

Conference theme

“New concepts and new developments in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering”

Downloadable files

Mini-Symposium_Chubu Bulletin-No.3 (PDF:745KB)

3-Mini-Symposium-Chubu program-Ver.3-2016-05-21(PDF:346B) NEW!


This time, Chubu Branch of Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS) takes the responsibility for organizing the International Mini Symposium CHUBU (IMS-CHUBU) in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. As it is known that Chubu Branch is regarded as one of the most active groups in all-Japan in the research activities of geotechnical engineering, we are very proud to be able to organize this mini symposium. Size of the symposium is not a main concern, because the most important thing is that all the high-level research achievements can be presented in a compact conference and all the participants can listen to other’s presentation. By attending this mini symposium, the participants can not only share their knowledge but also can enhance the communication and friendship, which is a very important way to make contribution to the next generation of soil mechanics.
The topics of the symposium cover a wide range of new concepts and new developments in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering in recent years. We cordially invite those researchers, especially the young who devote ceaselessly to the relevant researches, to attend the symposium and share the view with other researchers.
The symposium is organized by Chubu Branch of JGS under the auspices of international affair of JGS as an all-Japan international event. We sincerely thank the assistance, the encouragement and the enthusiasm from both the domestic and international colleagues who support the symposium. We hope that through this symposium, we can not only share the knowledge, but also can enhance the friendship and add wonderful memory.
We are looking forward to seeing all the friends from all over the world in the coming days.


Dr. Masaki Nakano, Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nagoya University, Japan

Dr. Feng Zhang, Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

M. M. Farias, Brazil
R. G. Wan, Canada
K. Horikoshi, Japan
Y. Huang, China
M. Kimura, Japan
T. Kyoya, Japan
L. Laloui, Switzerland
M. Mimura, Japan
Y. Miyata, Japan
D. Pedroso, Australia
T. Rabczuk, German
K. Soga, UK
I. Towhata, Japan
R. Uzuoka, Japan
Y. Watabe, Japan
A. Yashima, Japan
Z. Y. Yin, France
C. Yoo, Korea
A. N. Zhou, Australia
H. H. Zhu, China

T. Katsumi, Kyoto University
Y. Cui, Meijo University
T. Kodaka, Meijo University
K. Maeda, Nagoya Institute Technology
Y. Morikawa, Nagoya Institute Technology
K. Nakai, Nagoya University
M. Nakano, Nagoya University
T. Noda, Nagoya University
K. Sawada, Gifu University
T. Sugii, Chubu University
M. Tashiro, Nagoya University
S. Yamada, Nagoya University
H.Yokawa, Chubu University
F. Zhang, Nagoya Institute Technology
T. Matsuda, Toyohashi University of Technology
T. Saka, Mie University
H. Iwai, Nagoya Institute of Technology

 Conference topics

(1) Constitutive modeling and numerical analysis
(2) Geomaterials
(3) Geo-disaster
(4) Geo-environment
(5) Soil-structure interaction
(6) Ground improvement
(7) Build back better
(8) Any new topics in geotechnical engineering


Disaster Mitigation Research Building, Higashiyama Campus,Nagoya University, Nagoya, JAPAN

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Important dates

Full paper submission: July 31, 2016
Paper review and acceptance: August 31, 2016
Final paper due: September 30, 2016

All papers will be reviewed and published on J-Stage with DOI

Registration fee

30,000 Yen (Including USB Proc., Reception, Banquet and Technical tour), basically paid on site.
Reception fee (For accompany person): 1,000 Yen
Banquet fee (For accompany person): 3,000 Yen

Lunch & banquet venue

Lunch will be at Restaurant Hanaki in Higashiyama Campus, five-minute walk from Conference Venue (Disaster Mitigation Building).
Reception and Banquet will be at Restaurant chez Jiroud (
http://chezjiroud.jp/index.html) in Nagoya University ES Building, one-minute walk from Conference Venue!