The JGS Awards 2017: announcement of the awards recipients

The Research/Paper Awards (English category) among the JGS Awards 2017 are listed below. Information of other JGS Awards are available only in Japanese. (see the awards report 2017)

The research/paper awards (English category)

The awards recipients Theresearch/paper title
R. Ishikura, N. Yasufuku and M. J. Brown An estimation method for predicting final consolidation settlement of ground improved by floating soil cement columns (Soils and Foundations, Volume 56, No. 2, pp. 213-227)
T. Uchimura, I. Towhata, L. Wang, S. Nishie, H. Yamaguchi, I. Seko and J. Qiao Precaution and early warning of surface failure of slopes using tilt sensors (Soils and Foundations, Volume 55, No. 5, pp. 1086-1099)
H. F. Taylor, C. O’Sullivan, W. Sim and S. J. Carr Sub-particle-scale investigation of seepage in sands (Soils and Foundations, Volume 57, No. 3, pp. 439-452)