The JGS Awards 2020: announcement of the awards recipients

The Research/Paper Awards (English category) among the JGS Awards 2020 are listed below. Information of other JGS Awards are available only in Japanese. (see the awards report 2020)

The research/paper awards (English category)

The awards recipients The research/paper title
Heitor Cardoso Bernardes, Sofia Leão Carvalho, Maurício Martines Sales, Sylvia Regina Mesquita de Almeida, Márcio Muniz de Farias, Flávio Augusto Xavier Carneiro Pinho Hybrid numerical tool for nonlinear analysis of piled rafts (Soils and Foundations, Volume 59, Issue 6, December 2019, Pages 1659-1674)
Hidenori Takahashi, Yoshiyuki Morikawa, Nobuhito Mori, Tomohiro Yasuda Collapse of concrete-covered levee under composite effect of overflow and seepage (Soils and Foundations, Volume 59, Issue 6, December 2019, Pages 1787-1799)
Kyohei Ueda, Kaito Sawada, Toma Wada, Tetsuo Tobita, Susumu Iai Applicability of the generalized scaling law to a pile-inclined
ground system subject to liquefaction-induced lateral spreading (Soils and Foundations, Volume 59, Issue 5, October 2019, Pages 1260-1279)